Fall in Love at Terrain {Jennifer and Mike} Philadelphia Engagement Photographer

As this October breezes steadily through the frequent open windows, I find myself cozy in the moments of these quiet afternoons. Sun streaking between the blinds from skies that are so clear and so blue, it is literally a shade of space. I can hear kids learning to ride their bikes and the neighbor conversing with his dog as they walk down the street together. I can smell some supper and feel homework in the air. This week it is Halloween, and we are home, and I am so happy about that.  

But I also have this Missing that lingers, like an echo rolling through the mountains. 

I miss the leaves, I miss the pumpkin patches and the feeling of the whole scene gearing up to rest for winter. I miss the walks, the downtowns, the gardens and the trees. And really, I miss some friends.

A year ago, I drove a few hours and wound up in Philadelphia, with two very good friends Jen and Mike. The visit was so emotional it still resonates with me today, like fuel to keep reaching up and up and up. So much has happened since then....I can't believe that was a year ago. 

These photographs happened when we had brunch at the little cafe in Terrain. 

It was such a special day. I'm so grateful that I have been where I have, and shared with my friends such awe. I miss you guys, and I can't wait until next visit.