Waiting for Baby Fern {Michelle + Donovan's Maternity Shoot} New York Maternity Photographer

I love it when a plan comes together.

We were supposed to make photographs with the NYC skyline as our backdrop on Friday afternoon. But sometimes the weather has other ideas and we got rained out. We opted instead for some shots indoors at Michelle's Mom and Dads home. As we hung out with her parents (love them!) we chatted about the possibility of snagging some of the outdoor shots at sunrise the next morning.  

Let me just say that my favorite time of day to make images is at sunrise, and these two Dearies are always a joy to be around so naturally, win-win.

I could not have imagined what would unfold that quiet morning as we waited patiently for the sunlight to break through the hanging fog. It was as if the whole world was waiting with us. When the sun finally did start to overcome the morning haze, it spilled out between the buildings, flowed over the Hudson and splashed our faces with a perfect glow that could only be described as a gift. A gift of golden fuzzy warmth, not unlike the love of both of their families and their excitement to meet and love Baby Fernanda. A gift so similar to that of friendship, and the joy of seeing two beautiful friends love.