Love. Beauty. Discovery.


Oh, For Love's Sake. 

Hi there. How the heck are Ya'?   

Well, I'm not typically a gambling woman, but I'd wager that you and I have an awful lot in common.

For starters, I bet that you are totally in love with someone crazy daisy special, who looks at you with heart eyeballs, like, all of the time.

Your love for each other is tender, elegant, carefree and fun. It's an unscripted unposed outside-of-the-box kind of love that leaves you breathless (most of the time from laughter) and it shines brighter than the sun.

You like pretty things, and sometimes you cry when you experience beauty.

Your most prized possession is that special ragtag little something that belonged to your Grandmother. 

You value style over trends.

You choose experience over stuff.

 And you know that real is perfect. 

 Love Wins. 

You haven't clicked that back button yet, so I'm going to assume that I might just be onto something. 

With that said, I would like to thank you for stopping by. I know that you must be looking down the barrel of a hefty to do list. I appreciate and respect your time.

So, I will cut to the chase and fill you in on my goal for your wedding photography. 

I wanna make you cry. 

I wanna make your children cry.

I wanna make your children's children cry.

Because your love is that beautiful.