My name is Shanna (like banana).

You can pretty much always catch me doing any one or combination of the following activities: 

  • Wandering in a garden, talking to flowers and petting trees.
  • Trying to find the moon. 
  • Making up stories for old photographs found in the bin at the thrift store.
  • Chopping vegetables.
  • Reading about Scandinavian folklore or Italian traditions.
  • Being barefoot at the beach
  • Listening to music by candlelight
  • Spending time with people that matter 
  • making photographs

My Approach

The one thing that I hear every couple say after their wedding is that the day went like a total blur, and they really don't remember anything outside of how they felt. That idea, combined with my love  for documentary style photography, means that I aim to make photographs that focus on the moment, collecting meaningful images that convey the emotion of the day as it naturally unfolds.

I could easily fill my portfolio with impressive images of posed magazine cover ready couples, but I truly feel that the most valuable photographs are the ones that stir your heart, like the chorus of that song that gives you goosebumps. You don't just hear the words, you feel the words, the notes stay with you

The most moving photographs are the ones that transport you right back to that moment where you were feeling connected to each other, and surrounded by love of friends and family- why would I want to make an image that reminds you of a clucking chicken telling you where to put your hands and which way to stand. Awkward.

That is not to say that I will not offer guidance. I will most certainly ask you to be thinking of what your partner does to make you super proud while we make your portraits together. I will for sure allow for space for connection and emotion to flow, I may even set up some moments, but rest assured- everything will be 100% you, real and natural and perfect, because I am here for you. 

I believe that good photography, much like Love, has magical properties. Capable of space-time travel, it's capale of transcending language, gender, race, class and continents.

And if it is done right, it can last forever. 

What will your photos mean in 10 months? 

In ten years? 

In ten grandkids?